External Collaborator Invitation Email Template

Please feel free to use the following email template as the basis of your invitations to your collaborators. Whether you chose to use this or write your own, please remember to make sure the link to the Information for Collaborators page is included. For help with collaboration projects please email hpc-help@bristol.ac.uk or call 0117 394 1732 / 0117 394 0199.

Dear …

We’d like to give you access to our secure project collaboration space hosted on the Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF) at the University of Bristol.This will enable you to access and upload files using SFTP.

You will need to register with the University of Bristol for access to the RDSF, which you can do at: http://data.bris.ac.uk/collaborator/. Once registered, you will be asked to supply a public key from your public/private key pair.

Please read and follow the instructions that can be found at the link below. This includes instructions for creating a public/private key pair if you don’t already have one: