Sharing Research Data

Sharing research data

Research data can only underpin research findings when access to it is granted. Many major research funders and academic publishers call for research data to be shared, and for access methods to be described in any publications in a data access statement.

For example, RCUK-funded researchers are expected to make research data 'available by default', while the NHS ethical clearance process encourages researchers to 'identify whether samples or data can be contributed to an existing biobank or data-sharing repository'.

Deciding the appropriate degree of access can be difficult, as influential factors can include ethical and commercial considerations. For more information, see our case studies of Engineering Nonlinearity and SPHERE which describe the decisions taken on data publishing and access levels in these projects.

The University provides the data.bris Research Data Repository for the publication of research data. The repository can be used to either publish data openly or with access restrictions.

The data.bris Research Data Repository

Data access statements
The structure of a data access statement will vary depending on the method used to share data and the restrictions placed on access. The Research Data Service has produced guidance in this area using real-life examples from different disciplines:

Data access statements for arts and social sciences
Data access statements for biomedicine and health science
Data access statements for science and engineering

To help you create your own data access statements we have developed a LaTeX tool, available as a package or a ShareLaTeX template. If you are not using LaTeX you can cut and paste the suggested wording from this PDF version.

If you have any questions relating to the publication or sharing of research data please contact us.

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